Live for free


  1. its very easy to a story like this one, put, it, the other way round n the virtues of the good doers n 'Goddess', like Harshita, will be a open book.
    do, u mind, my holyness, of course no.
    I, hereby, request, her worthiness, the good doer, Ms harshia, to plz, carry on a story, like, this one, every day, so that, every, basta------, called, a 'Sameer', is not wiped out from he face of this, Earth.
    Plz, accept my compliments n i will appreciate n applaud u, till, ur holyness, doesnot wipeout all 'Sameers', off the face of this Earth n then, call, it, what, u want, "Earth", "Mars", "Venus"?

    I invite comments from the, so called, author, will, respond, after her comments.
    Do, u know, the would be biggest religion in the year 2050??????// n the position of, women in that religion? Any, idea?
    Do, u know about, the famous painting, called, "The Last Supper", it belongs to which religion, what is the meaning of, missing, "Inverted Cup", by, Michelangelo???????????????????????, any ideas???????????
    Which is this religion, yes, any clown, will tell u, is 'Christianity', so, where, do u stand, so called, 'Sameer', is a 'Hindu' name, comprises, not even, 1% of the world population.
    U there, ma'ammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    plz, do comment.

    1. I am sure things you have written are intelligent and interesting and would make sense but I can not find the significance of such a comment here....

  2. by the way, the name is, follet, kefolle, any questions?

  3. What happened to ur, so called, 'Sita', when, she landed back at 'Ayodha', did ur so called, God, 'Ram', throw her out of his house, when, she was,pregnant, coz, he heard from his 'janta', that, 'Sita' had committed a crime by staying with 'Ravana', n her two sons, were born at an ashram, instead of her home place or her husband's house?????????????????????????????????????????/

    Research, study, know, the world has stood, till date, where, it will be, when, 'Muslim', religion takes over 'Christianity', as per, the statistics n facts, read, "War of Civilizations", in 2050, not far, is it?

    I agree, "Live Free', by all means, but, not, at the expense of, a question asked in the then, 'ICS", now, "IAS", when, Netaji Subhash Chander Bose, sat for the exam n stood third, in the overall ranking, the question, was, 'Which is the best policy to rule?', time, given, 3 hours, Subhash wrote, 3 words, ' Divide & Rule".

    U do not know, ur own ancient mythological 'Brahama Astras", no knowledge of history, clueless about present day surroundings, do u know, that, there will be more No. of Muslims in India in 2090, than, Hindus?, I m sure, u r no aware of that too, no awareness of future, yes, u have a right to remain in a virtuality of ur own dreams, go ahead, u r permitted. And, on op of all above, you have my backing.

    Happy Hunting


  4. There r more than, 3 crore Gods in India, they could not help 'Sita', but, do not be upset, I stand by u n, if required, i will call upon, the omni present, 'Hanumanji'


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